Field Trials Officer

Field Trials Officer Job Description

Field Trials Officers Develop And Manage Research Trials On Plants In The Field Or Laboratory. Some May Be Involved With The Entire Process Of Planning Trials While Others May Oversee Just One Particular Stage Of The Research Procedure.

Trials Officers Work With Scientists To Match Their Requirements With The Trial Site Or Laboratory And Play A Key Role In Making Large-scale Scientific Research Happen.

The Results Of Research Trials Are Used To Inform Development Decisions In Agriculture As Well As Determine Product Safety And Inform Sales Information. Analysis Of These Results May Be Communicated In A Detailed Report Or Presentation. This Is Not Currently A Requirement In All Positions But Is Increasingly Requested By Clients.

Field Trials Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • negotiating trials requirements with students in educational establishments;
  • helping undertake demonstrations and presentations for commercial clients;
  • employing and managing staff;
  • coordinating audit trails and accompanying visiting auditors;
  • working to a high level of confidentiality and protocol;
  • overseeing the running of research sites, from effective budget management to maintaining site buildings and equipment;
  • monitoring field conditions in close detail;
  • applying chemicals to trials;
  • project-managing research;
  • giving specialist advice and information to clients and colleagues.
  • dealing with a wide range of paperwork;
  • ensuring that work adheres to government legislation;
  • planning, preparing and organising trials, either on-site or in the laboratory;
  • writing research proposals;
  • liaising with technical development staff at all levels;
  • conducting discussions with research staff;
  • undertaking detailed statistical planning;
  • balancing the demands of new experiment designs with site limitations;
  • gathering and accurately recording data;
  • meeting with clients and adapting their requirements;
  • designing and developing experiments;
  • recording and processing results, using specialist software such as Farmade and GenStat;
  • analysing, writing and presenting reports;

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