Arts Development Officer

Arts Development Officer Job Description

Art Development Officer Are Responsible For The Visual Style And Images In Magazines, Newspapers, Product Packaging, And Movie And Television Productions. They Create The Overall Design And Direct Others Who Develop Artwork Or Layouts.

Art Development Officer Typically Oversee The Work Of Other Designers And Artists Who Produce Images For Television, Film, Live Performances, Advertisements, Or Video Games. They Determine The Overall Style Or Tone, Desired For Each Project And Articulate Their Vision To Artists. The Artists Then Create Images, Such As Illustrations, Graphics, Photographs, Or Charts And Graphs, Or Design Stage And Movie Sets, According To The Art Director’s Vision.

Art Development Officer Work In A Variety Of Industries, And The Type Of Work They Do Varies By Industry. However, Almost All Art Directors Set The Overall Artistic Style And Visual Image To Be Created For Each Project, And Oversee A Staff Of Designers, Artists, Photographers, Writers, Or Editors Who Are Responsible For Creating The Individual Works That Collectively Make Up A Completed Product.

Art Development Officer Work With Art And Design Staffs In Advertising Agencies, Public Relations Firms, And Book, Magazine, Or Newspaper Publishers To Create Designs And Layouts. They Also Work With Producers And Directors Of Theater, Television, Or Movie Productions To Oversee Set Designs. Their Work Requires Them To Understand The Design Elements Of Projects, Inspire Other Creative Workers, And Keep Projects On Budget And On Time. Sometimes They Are Responsible For Developing Budgets And Timelines. 

Arts Development Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Coordinate activities with other artistic and creative departments
  • Supervise design staff
  • Review and approve designs, artwork, photography, and graphics developed by other staff members 
  • Talk to clients to develop an artistic approach and style
  • Determine how best to represent a concept visually
  • Develop detailed budgets and timelines
  • Present designs to clients for approval
  • Determine which photographs, art, or other design elements to use
  • Develop the overall look or style of a publication, an advertising campaign, or a theater, television, or film set

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