Geophysical Data Processor

Geophysical Data Processor Job Description

A Geophysical Data Processor Uses The Most Modern And Sophisticated Sonic, Electronic, Electrical, Seismic, Or Gravity-measuring Instruments To Convert Raw Geophysical Data (usually Large Volumes Of Seismic Data) Into A User-friendly Format. The Converted Data Is Then Analysed By Interpreters In Order To Determine Sub-surface Geology. Often, This Data Is Used To Identify Potential Oil-bearing Rock Layers.

Processors Work In Teams, Often On Many Different Projects Simultaneously. The Processing Sequence Is Tailored To Individual Projects Depending On Geology, Data Acquisition Techniques, Time And Financial Constraints.

Frequent Client Interaction Is Essential As Is The Ability To Develop Expertise In State-of-the-art Software.

Geophysical Data Processor Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • testing and adapting computer programs to suit individual datasets;
  • debugging aborted programs;
  • conducting visual analysis of seismic sections (cross-sections of the earth's crust revealing rock layers and geological structures, such as folds and faults, when the seismic data is properly processed);
  • inspecting the quality of raw data;
  • analysing observer logs compiled by data acquisition crews;
  • running a series of computer programs on a Unix operating system using the employer's proprietary software;
  • determining a suitable processing sequence for client approval;
  • preparing technical reports using conventional PC software;
  • learning new software;
  • discussing the processing requirements of individual datasets with teams and advisers;
  • monitoring the progress of programs that take many days to run;
  • prioritising each program according to runtime and project urgency;
  • supervising junior staff;
  • adhering to standards in order to maintain quality management systems (ISO 9001).
  • using a variety of quality control software to analyse data at various stages in the processing sequence;
  • discussing requirements and results with clients on a regular basis;

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