Planner/Scheduler Job Description

A Project Planner/Scheduler Is Responsible For Ensuring That The Project Flows Without Incident. In The Event Of A Problem, These Trained Employees Diagnose And Fix The Issue And Inform The Necessary Parties About Any Resulting Schedule Changes.

A Planner/scheduler Has To Have Knowledge Of Each Stage Of The Project To Effectively Organize The Necessary Workers And To Execute A Job Plan That Will Keep The Project Running On Schedule.

Planner/Scheduler Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • determine and execute work schedules
  • diagnose problems and ensure quality control, preventative maintenance and compliance with safety procedures and regulations.
  • Planners/schedulers consider each stage of the project to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Planners/schedulers are responsible for the smooth and seamless operation of projects, e.g the production, packaging and distribution departments within a company.

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