Food Technologist

Food Technologist Job Description

Food Technologists Are Responsible For The Safe And Efficient Development, Modification And/or Manufacture Of Food Products And Processes.

Food Technologists Are Employed By A Variety Of Public And Private Sector Organisations Including Food Manufacturing And Retail Companies, Universities, Central Government Organisations And Specialist Research Associations/consultancies.

Technologists Can Work In A Wide Range Of Settings - Kitchens, Factories, Laboratories And Offices.

Food Technologist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • controlling production hygiene and quality control standards;
  • testing and examining samples;
  • writing reports.
  • ensuring that stringent food safety standards are met;
  • identifying and choosing products from suppliers;
  • evaluating and inspecting suppliers;
  • liaising with marketing staff;
  • generating new product ideas;
  • monitoring the use of additives;

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