Product Designer

Product Designer Job Description

Product Designers Decide The Way Many Everyday Items Look And Work. Examples Include Items For Household Use Such As Mobile Phones And Domestic Appliances Or Larger Products Such As Cars.

Product Designer Need To Be Able To Use Drawings, 3D Models And Computer-aided Designs. You Will Also Need To Be Able To Plan A Project Through Several Stages, Working Out Prices And Budgets.

As A Product Designer, You Would Usually Specialise In A Particular Product, Based On Your Training Or Experience. Whether You Work On A Completely New Product Or An Existing One, Your Aim Would Be To Make Sure The Product Is:

  • easy To Use
  • attractive In Appearance.
  • efficient
  • cost Effective To Produce

This Involves Looking Carefully At What Is Required, Doing Research And Developing Ideas Into A Design.

Product Designer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • making samples or working models
  • testing the design
  • taking details of what the client needs (known as the 'brief ')
  • developing ideas and making initial sketches
  • finding solutions for any problems with the design.
  • deciding on suitable materials
  • using computer design software to produce detailed final drawings

At all stages, you would work with skilled colleagues such as engineers and model-makers. As well as designing, you would also take part in meetings and presentations and might put together bids and proposals for new work.

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