Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager Job Description

Hotel Managers Ensure That Guests On Vacation Or Business Travel Have A Pleasant Experience At A Hotel, Motel, Or Other Types Of Establishment With Accommodations. They Also Ensure That The Establishment Is Run Efficiently And Profitably.

Hotel Manager Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Inspect guest rooms, public areas, and grounds for cleanliness and appearance
  • Greet and register guests
  • Ensure that company standards for guest services, décor, and housekeeping are met
  • Answer questions from guests about hotel policies and services
  • Keep track of how much money the hotel or lodging facility is making
  • Interview, hire, train, and sometimes fire staff members
  • Monitor staff performance to ensure that guests are happy and that the hotel is well run
  • Coordinate office activities of hotels or motels and resolve problems
  • Set room rates and budgets, approve expenditures, and allocate funds to various departments

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