Applications Developer

Applications Developer Job Description

Applications Developers Translate Software Requirements Into Workable Programming Code And Maintain And Develop Programs For Use In Business. Most Will Specialise In A Specific Development Field - such As Mobile Phone Applications, Accounting Software, Office Suites Or Graphics Software And Will Have In-depth Knowledge Of At Least One Computer Language.

Applications, Or 'apps', Can Be Written For A Particular System, Such As Windows Or Android, Or Across Numerous Platforms, Including Computers And Mobile Devices.

Applications Developer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • reacting to problems and correcting the program as necessary;
  • evaluating and increasing the program's effectiveness;
  • adapting the program to new requirements, as necessary;
  • devising possible solutions to anticipated problems;
  • writing detailed documentation for the operation of the program by users and computer operators;
  • updating, repairing, modifying and developing existing software and generic applications.
  • working as part of a team, which may be established purely for a particular project, to write a specific section of the program;
  • combining all elements of the program design and testing it;
  • conducting user acceptance testing to ensure the program can be used easily, quickly and accurately;
  • consulting manuals, periodicals and technical reports to learn new ways to develop programs and maintain existing skills and knowledge;
  • establishing a detailed program specification through discussion with clients;
  • clarifying what actions the program is intended to perform;
  • breaking down program specification into its simplest elements and translating this logic into a programming language;
  • testing sample data-sets to check that output from the program works as intended;
  • conducting testing and installing the program into production;

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