Seismic Interpreter

Seismic Interpreter Job Description

Seismic Interpreters Use A Variety Of Technical, Computational And Scientific Modelling Techniques To Produce Geophysical And Geological Data That Can Be Used To Analyse The Hydrocarbon Content Of Rock Structures.

Seismic Interpreters Assess The Amount Of Oil And Gas Contained Within Rock Structures, The Ease Of Which It Can Be Extracted And The Likelihood Of Encountering Any Hazards Or Problems In The Process.

Seismic Interpreter Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • using specialist computer modelling applications to replicate seismic responses and hydrocarbon production;
  • predicting likely changes and movements in rock structures;
  • producing and interpreting computer-generated 2D and 3D models;
  • using sound waves to produce geological structure maps;
  • collecting information about rock volume and quality that can be used to measure the likely yield of oil or gas;
  • writing scientific papers and reports;
  • advising, liaising and consulting with colleagues, clients, consultants, researchers, external bodies and other professionals.
  • gathering data about the earth’s surface from acoustic readings, surveys and satellites;
  • producing maps and cross sections of the earth’s structure;
  • recording and analysing numerical and scientific data;

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