Saddler Job Description

Saddler Is A Maker, Repairer, Or Seller Of Saddlery

Saddler Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  •  Joins edges of parts to form saddle tree cover, using needle and thread or stitching machine.
  • May be designated according to type of saddle made as Western-Saddle Maker.
  • May specialize in replacement of damaged saddle parts, such as cushioned seats, canvas girths, cinches, and saddle bags, and be designated Saddler.
  • Positions covering and cushioning materials, such as cotton batting, foam rubber, or mohair over saddle tree.
  • Joins covering to saddle tree, using cement, nails, needle and thread, or stitching machine.
  • Attaches accessories or ornamentation to saddle with rivets or needle and thread.
  • Applies paint and liquid dressing to produce glossy finish, using brush or sponge.
  • Cuts, assembles, and joins leather parts and other materials to form saddle, following specifications, such as size of saddle, color and grain of leather, or type of saddle: Cuts out parts, according to specifications.
  • May cut and stamp lettering and decorative designs into surface of leather.

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