Lifeguard Job Description

Lifeguards Work At Swimming Pools, Beaches And Inland Waterways To Keep Swimmers Safe. As A Lifeguard You Would Observe And Supervise Swimming Areas To Prevent Accidents. You Would Make Swimmers Aware Of Dangerous Situations, And In An Emergency You Would Carry Out A Rescue Procedure.

Lifeguards Prevent Accidents By Identifying Hazards And Taking Preventative Measures.

Lifeguard Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

As a beach lifeguard you would:

  • monitor sea conditions and set up appropriate safety flags
  • make sure people stay in safe areas
  • provide a point of contact for people on the beach
  • use life-saving techniques in emergencies.
  • advise people where and when they can swim safely
  • supervise users of beaches and inland waterways
  • give basic first aid if necessary

As a pool lifeguard you would:

  • check water temperature, pH and chlorine levels
  • set up pool equipment.
  • stop behaviour which could be dangerous
  • look out for swimmers who get into difficulties
  • give first aid
  • patrol the edge of the pool or sit on an elevated chair at the poolside to keep a close watch on the pool and its users
  • advise swimmers on the use of the diving boards and slides
  • use life-saving techniques in emergencies

If you are a strong swimmer, want to promote swimming safety and help to save lives, then this job could be for you. In this role you will need good observation skills, the ability to communicate clearly with people, and to react quickly in emergencies.

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