Research Officer, Political Party

Research Officer, Political Party Job Description

A Political Party Research Officer Is Responsible For Researching And Providing Useful Information For A Political Party.

Political Party Research Officers Provide Political Party Policy Makers With Relevant Information Required For The Formulation, Defence Or Opposition Of Policies.

Research Officer, Political Party Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Keeping up to date with political sources released by government agencies, including press releases and reports
  • Finding out about new sources which may be relevant to the employer, including press releases from particular interest groups and other organisations
  • Researching past sources of information to see if they may still be relevant or applicable to current cases
  • outlining/writing speeches, articles, policy papers and party briefs
  • undertaking relevant political research and analysis
  • Performing detailed research on a wide range of subjects
  • Keeping up to date with the media every day
  • Working on case studies and individual projects
  • Researching issues personally affecting members of the party
  • Answering queries and questions from members of the party and the general public
  • Following up on these queries to make sure issues have been fully resolved
  • Liaising with individuals from other companies or political offices in order to discuss research issues
  • Researching public opinion through techniques including questionnaires, surveys, and interviews
  • Writing detailed reports which focus upon the findings of research
  • Answering telephone calls and dealing with general media enquiries
  • Dealing with general correspondence via e-mail
  • Deciding which issues should be passed on to the employer and which should be discarded as irrelevant
  • Sending out the post and dealing with incoming post
  • Paying bills and managing general expenses
  • Attending regular meetings with the employer in order to keep them fully updated about political issues
  • Writing speeches for the Political Party or employer

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