Data Entry Officer

Data Entry Officer Job Description

Data Entry Officers Update, Maintain And Retrieve Information Held On Computer Systems. Also Transfer Information That Is On Paper To Computer Files.

To Be A Data Entry Officer, You Need A Good Knowledge Of Maths And English Skills. You’ll Be Able To Work Quickly And Accurately, And Pay Attention To Detail. You’ll Also Have Excellent Customer Service Skills.

In Most Data Entry Jobs, You Would Enter Both Text And Figures Into Spreadsheets Or Databases. You May Use Ready Made Software Packages, Or Software Systems That Have Been Specially Designed To Meet Your Organisation's Particular Needs.

Data Entry Work Is Often Combined With Customer Service Assistant And Contact Centre Operator Roles.

You Do Not Always Need Qualifications To Work As A Data Entry Officer.

You Will Also Probably Need A Basic Knowledge Of Word Processing, Spreadsheets And Databases

Data Entry Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • updating patients' medical records
  • processing sales invoices
  • entering personal details of customers opening new bank accounts
  • transferring paper-based market research results
  • entering information for classified advertisements in a newspaper
  • tracking students' test results in a school or college.

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