Analytical Chemist

Analytical Chemist Job Description

Analytical Chemists Assess The Chemical Structure And Nature Of Substances For A Variety Of Purposes Including Drug Development, Forensic Analysis And Toxicology.

Analytical Chemists Analyse Samples Using A Range Of Modern Analytical Techniques Including Ion/electro-chromatography, Gas/high Performance Liquid Chromatography, Spectroscopy Etc. They Are Employed By A Variety Of Public And Private Sector Organisations, And Can Specialise In Areas Such As Toxicology, Pharmaceuticals, Quality Control Or Forensics.

Analytical Chemist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • making sure that data is accurately recorded in accordance to guidelines
  • reporting/presenting results
  • using a range of software, techniques and equipment to carry out research and analysis
  • analysing and interpreting data
  • ensuring that health and safety issues are adhered to
  • preparing product licence documentation
  • developing new analytical methods.
  • writing research papers, reports, reviews and summaries
  • liaising with customers, suppliers and research/scientific staff
  • keeping up to date with scientific and technical developments

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