Metallurgist Job Description

Metallurgists Work With Metals And Alloys In The Development, Production And Manufacturing Of Metal Items/structures That Range From Tiny Precision-made Components To Huge Heavy Engineering Parts.

Metallurgists Work With A Wide Range Of Products Including Non-ferrous Metals, Copper Sheet/wire, Precious Metals, Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Copper And Aluminium Alloys.

Metallurgist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • investigating corrosion and metal failure/fatigue
  • liaising with and supervising engineering and technical staff
  • creating precise designs for components
  • developing prototypes and innovative solutions to problems
  • developing new test/repair processes
  • liaising with clients to determine and interpret design requirements
  • providing technical advice about the suitability of metals for different purposes
  • making recommendations and advising about product feasibility
  • undertaking new product research
  • ensuring adherence to manufacturing quality standards
  • overseeing operational quality control processes
  • using specialist computer applications
  • carrying out laboratory based analysis of samples
  • using both destructive and non-destructive techniques to test composition
  • investigating production problems.

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