Brewer Job Description

Brewer Is Involved In The Whole Beer-making Process Or Concentrate On Certain Stages. As A Brewery Worker You Could  Get Equipment Ready For Brewing The Beer, Prepare Ingredients Or Work On Bottling And Labelling The Finished Product.

To Be Able To Do This Job You Will Need Good Maths Skills So That You Can Weigh And Measure Ingredients Correctly. You Will Also Need A Good Awareness Of Hygiene And Health And Safety.

Brewer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • sterilising equipment
  • labelling and packing the product.
  • keeping records of ingredients
  • monitoring the temperature and quality of the beer
  • weighing and mixing ingredients
  • washing and cleaning brewing containers and the work area

When the beer has gone through the complete brewing process, you would transfer it into kegs, casks, bottles or cans for final packaging. You would then load it on to lorries ready for distribution. At some smaller breweries you may also make deliveries to local customers.

Increasingly, the beer making process involves computerised machinery. Usually only certain work, like weighing and measuring, is done by hand.

You would often be supervised by a technical brewer who is responsible for the entire brewing process.

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