Rural Practice Surveyor

Rural Practice Surveyor Job Description

A Rural Practice Surveyor Provides Practical And Strategic Knowledge To A Range Of Clients Involved In Rural Land And Property. They Can Work Across A Number Of Areas Or Specialise In One Or Two Including Agriculture, Forests, Environmental Regulations And Practices, Property Management Or Auctioneering And Valuation.

The Role Of A Rural Practice Surveyor Includes Giving Professional And Technical Advice As Well As Working In Business/resource Management And Consultancy For The Land, Property And Construction Industries.

Rural Surveyors May Be Known By Specialist Titles Such As Land Agent, Forester, Environmental Consultant, Property Manager And Many Others.

Rural Practice Surveyor Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • perusing farm accounts and using financial expertise to interpret them and advise on taxation;
  • building and maintaining good relationships with the rural community and staying well informed on all issues affecting the countryside;
  • keeping up to date with new regulations that are likely to affect land use;
  • issuing contracts for various aspects of land management;
  • keeping in regular contact with land owners to ensure that they are aware of developments in their business or any problems that are looming;
  • representing clients, making planning applications and appeals;
  • managing rural estates, which may comprise any combination of farms, tenanted dwellings, farm buildings let as workshops, businesses and leisure enterprises - this work often includes direct management of estate staff;
  • overseeing the development of farming/leisure facilities to ensure they are working efficiently and considering alternative uses for redundant farm buildings;
  • discussing with clients the most effective way to market and sell their property and other assets;
  • helping clients who wish to buy rural properties, such as farms or smallholdings, by providing detailed information about the property, the land and other assets, noting problems that might arise or legal questions that might need to be asked;
  • providing professional advice on how emerging regulations and practices may affect business plans;
  • providing advice to government departments, councils, special interest groups and land users on policy issues;
  • valuing rural land and property, crops, machinery, livestock and trees;
  • advising on grants and farming subsidies relating to environmental work and agri-environment schemes.

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