Armed Forces Operational Officer

Armed Forces Operational Officer Job Description

Operational Officers In The Armed Forces Lead The Fighting Arms. They Direct And Operate Technically Advanced Fighting Systems On Land, At Sea And In The Air And Command People In The Front Line Of Battle.

Responsibilities Cover The Training, Fitness, Operational Effectiveness And Welfare Of Everyone In The Unit, So They Reach And Maintain A High Level Of Competence And Readiness To Fulfil Their Defence And Peacekeeping Purposes. The Officer's Primary Responsibility In Operations - Which Are Often Dangerous, Fast-moving And Confused - Is To Command, Lead And Inspire Service Personnel.An Operational Or Combat Officer In The Armed Forces Is First And Foremost A Leader Who Must Lead And Manage A Team Of Fighting Specialists, Developing Their Skills To A Very High Level Of Competence And Readiness.

Armed Forces Operational Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • briefings, operational reports and presentations;
  • taking responsibility for your own personal and professional development.
  • taking responsibility for the welfare, morale and motivation of subordinates;
  • communicating effectively with your unit, colleagues with other roles and responsibilities, and professional and community groups, both orally and in writing, through

In battle and other operations:

  • motivating and leading subordinates to achieve objectives, often in difficult and dangerous conditions;
  • allocating equipment, manpower and resources effectively to achieve objectives;
  • preparing or modifying operational strategies and plans;
  • identifying objectives and assessing ways of achieving them;
  • keeping ships, aircraft, vehicles, weapons and other equipment operational.

At base or on exercise:

  • instructing personnel of other ranks and preparing them for promotion;
  • training and developing subordinates of all ranks and bringing them to a high state of operational readiness;
  • training new recruits in basic skills;
  • assessing the effectiveness of training.

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