Hygienist Job Description

Hygienists (Occupational Health And Safety Specialists) Analyze Many Types Of Work Environments And Work Procedures. Specialists Inspect Workplaces For Adherence To Regulations On Safety, Health, And The Environment. They Also Design Programs To Prevent Disease Or Injury To Workers And Damage To The Environment.

Hygienist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Inspect and evaluate workplace environments, equipment, and practices for compliance with corporate and government health and safety standards and regulations
  • Identify hazards in the workplace
  • Collect samples of potentially toxic materials for analysis
  • Design and implement workplace processes and procedures that help protect workers from potentially hazardous work conditions
  • Conduct training on a variety of topics such as emergency preparedness
  • Investigate accidents and incidents to identify their causes and to determine how they might be prevented in the future

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