Print Production Planner

Print Production Planner Job Description

A Print Production Planner Controls, Organises And Monitors The Flow Of Printed Materials In A Printing Company. They Check Schedules, Confirm Product Specifications, Arrange Adjustments, Oversee The Work Of Staff In The Department And Monitor The Quality Of The Product, Ensuring Deadlines Are Met.

Print Production Planners Liaise With Other Production Departments And Customer Account Managers At Local, National And International Levels According To The Scale Of The Work In Hand.

Responsibilities And Job Titles Will Vary From Employer To Employer; A Print Production Planner May Also Be Referred To As A Print Manager, Print Supervisor, Production Press Operations Manager Or Production Planning Co-coordinator.

Print Production Planner Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • print machine rooms/floors - where printing presses operate;
  • keeping contact with customers to ensure specifications are carried out;
  • bindery - where products are bound and finished;
  • administration - computerised management system used to generate specifications for the product order;
  • origination - where artwork and digital images are designed;
  • reprographic - where printing plates are produced;
  • dispatch - where products are packaged and distributed.
  • ensuring collaboration between different staff in different departments;
  • checking the accuracy and viability of the product specification;
  • improving processes and cost-efficiency;
  • adapting computer systems to meet the requirements of the work;
  • allocating, distributing and checking work with available staff;
  • managing production staff and trainees;
  • monitoring and maintaining the quality of the order;
  • complying with health and safety standards and workplace legislation;
  • liaising with customer account managers to discuss setbacks in time or processes;
  • recommending changes and improvements.

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