Geologist Job Description

Geologists Study The Materials, Processes, And History Of The Earth. They Investigate How Rocks Were Formed And What Has Happened To Them Since Their Formation. There Are Sub-groups Of Geologists As Well, Such As Stratigraphers, Who Study Stratified Rock, And Mineralogists, Who Study The Structure And Composition Of Minerals.

Geologists Study The Physical Aspects Of The Earth, Such As Its Composition, Structure, And Processes, To Learn About Its Past, Present, And Future.

Geologist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Review reports and research done by other scientists
  • Conduct laboratory tests on samples collected in the field
  • Make geologic maps and charts
  • Prepare written scientific reports
  • Plan and conduct field studies, in which they visit locations to collect samples and conduct surveys
  • Analyze aerial photographs, well logs (detailed records of geologic formations found during drilling), rock samples, and other data sources to locate natural resource deposits and estimate their size
  • Present their findings to clients, colleagues, and other interested parties

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