Holiday Representative

Holiday Representative Job Description

A Holiday Representative Is Responsible For Looking After Groups Of Clients On Package Holidays At Resorts.

The Main Priority Is To Ensure That Clients Enjoy Their Holiday And That Everything Runs As Smoothly As Possible For Them. As The Public Face Of The Tour Operator, The Holiday Representative must Create An Excellent First Impression And Continue To Provide Outstanding Customer Service To Clients Throughout The Duration Of Their Stay.

The Role Involves Holding Welcome Meetings, Handling Complaints And Resolving Problems As They Arise.

Holiday Representatives Are Often Also Responsible For Selling Resort Excursions And Additional Services, Such As Car Hire.

Holiday Representative Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • selling and organising excursions and other activities;
  • handling client issues, such as: lost luggage or passports; allegations of theft or other crimes; problems with rooms; and health problems, injuries or even deaths;
  • dealing with unforeseen 'non-client' problems, e.g. flight delays, coach strikes, weather conditions;
  • keeping basic accounts and records, and writing reports;
  • assisting in the support and training of new holiday representatives.
  • resolving any conflict with or between clients;
  • meeting guests at the airport;
  • escorting guests to their accommodation;
  • organising and hosting welcome meetings (sometimes for up to 200 people);
  • establishing and maintaining relationships with local hoteliers, apartment owners, excursion agents and travel companies;
  • maintaining an in-depth knowledge of the resort and the local area in order to answer clients' questions;
  • accompanying customers on excursions and acting as a guide;
  • organising and supervising children's activities and ensuring they are in a safe environment;
  • taking part in and organising daytime and evening entertainment;
  • selling car hire and other services;
  • responding to clients' queries (this may involve being on duty for set times each day);
  • checking hotel standards and safety procedures;
  • completing risk assessments and health and safety checks;

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