Music Therapist

Music Therapist Job Description

Music Therapists Use Music Within A Therapeutic Environment To Help Individuals Of All Ages Who Are Experiencing Physical, Psychological, Emotional Or Mental Problems.

Music Therapy Aims To Help Clients Understand And Address Such Inner Conflicts. Therapists Perform Controlled Sessions With Individuals, Groups Or Families Where Music And Communication Are Used To Explore Behaviour, Attitudes And Emotions (some Of Which May Be Unconscious Or Repressed).

Music Therapist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • reporting progress to families/carers, relevant agencies or professional staff.
  • assessing clients' needs
  • exploring a variety of musical styles and sounds with clients through singing, percussion, ethnic instruments and improvisation
  • planning and providing appropriate music sessions
  • actively participating in music sessions and encouraging clients to do the same
  • maintaining records and case notes

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