Learning Disability Nurse

Learning Disability Nurse Job Description

Learning Disability Nurses Provide Care And Support To Adults And Children With Learning Difficulties Within Community And Residential Settings.

Learning Disability Nurse Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • writing records and reports
  • meeting clients at home or at clinics to discuss progress
  • liaising with relatives, colleagues and other social welfare or healthcare professionals
  • monitoring and administering medication and injections
  • providing support to relatives
  • organising workloads
  • supervising junior staff
  • assessing and planning care requirements
  • tutoring student nurses
  • organising social activities and holidays for clients in residential care
  • helping to enable clients to have full and independent lives
  • advising about and organising appropriate care, resources or benefits
  • writing care plans that outline timescales
  • assisting with basic living skills.

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