Investment Analyst

Investment Analyst Job Description

Investment Analysts Provide Fund Managers With Financial Information, Advice And Recommendations That Are Derived From Global Investment Data.

Whilst Fund Managers Are Responsible For Making Decisions About Investments, It Is Investment Analysts Who Have The Responsibility Of Providing Information And Recommendations That Enable Such Decisions To Be Made.

Investment Work Provides High Levels Of Responsibility, Good Promotional Opportunities And Impressive Financial Rewards For The Most Successful Employees.

Investment Analyst Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • keeping detailed knowledge about the economy and financial markets up-to-date
  • interpreting complicated financial information
  • researching companies
  • making informed recommendations
  • analysing company accounts, profit and loss sheets and cash flow information
  • regularly meeting with fund managers
  • using specialist media sources to gain information about current financial news.
  • regularly meeting with company managers to discuss financial matters
  • writing financial research summaries

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