Lobbyist Job Description

Public Affairs Consultants Are Often Referred To As Lobbyists, But Their Work Is More Wide-ranging. They Use Their Understanding Of The Political System To Offer Political And Public Policy Advice To Their Clients. Clients May Include Private Sector Companies, Trade Associations, Charities, Not-for-profit Organisations And Overseas Governments.

Keeping Abreast Of Political Developments, In Order To Advise Clients On A Possible Response, Is Vital To The Role. Key Information Is Sought From Personal Contacts, A Range Of Media Sources And Political Intelligence And Monitoring.

Public Affairs Consultants Identify Key Stakeholders In The Decision-making Process at National, Regional And Local Government Levels. They Work To Maintain Relationships With These Individuals And To Assist Clients To Promote And Protect Their Interests Effectively.

Lobbyist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • reading and monitoring political publications and printed transcripts;
  • advising on potential responses that may be required;
  • responding to requests for information;
  • researching, forecasting and evaluating the effects of public policy on an organisation, using public sources, political intelligence and personal contacts;
  • writing newsletters, briefings, campaign material and press releases;
  • responding to public policy threats and opportunities;
  • maintaining relationships with existing stakeholders;
  • monitoring proceedings at  government departments, institutions, think-tanks, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other bodies in order to keep clients informed of any developments related to their field of activity;
  • maintaining regular contact, in person and in writing, with politicians, civil servants, and/or staff in local authorities and regulatory bodies to brief them on clients' work and concerns;
  • attending select committee hearings, party conferences and other events;
  • establishing and maintaining two-way communication with relevant official bodies and stakeholders;
  • developing new business.

The amount of time spent on the above activities varies according to the employer and level of experience required. At entry level, you will be involved in a high level of research and monitoring of information, while an account director will be principally involved in strategic planning and relationship management.

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