Equities Trader

Equities Trader Job Description

Securities, Commodities, And Financial Services Sales Agents (Equity Traders) Connect Buyers And Sellers In Financial Markets. They Sell Securities To Individuals, Advise Companies In Search Of Investors, And Conduct Trades.

Securities, Commodities, And Financial Services Sales Agents Deal With A Wide Range Of Products And Clients. Agents Spend Much Of The Day Interacting With People, Whether Selling Stock To An Individual Or Discussing The Status Of A Merger Deal With A Company Executive. The Work Is Usually Stressful Because Agents Deal With Large Amounts Of Money And Have Time Constraints.

A Security Or Commodity Can Be Traded In Two Ways: Electronically Or In An Auction-style Setting On The Floor Of An Exchange Market. Markets Such As The National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ) Use Vast Computer Networks Rather Than Human Traders To Match Buyers And Sellers. Others, Such As The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Rely On Floor Brokers To Complete Transactions. 

The Following Are Examples Of Types Of Securities, Commodities, And Financial Services Sales Agents:

Investment Banking Sales Agents And Traders Carry Out Buy-and-sell Orders For Stocks, Bonds, And Commodities From Clients And Make Trades On Behalf Of The Firm Itself. These Workers Are Primarily Employed By Investment Banks, Although Some Work For Commercial Banks, Hedge Funds, And Private Equity Groups. Because Markets Fluctuate So Much, Trading Is A Split-second Decision-making Process. Slight Changes In The Price Of A Trade Can Greatly Affect Its Profitability, Making The Trader’s Decision Extremely Important.

Financial Services Sales Agents Consult On A Wide Variety Of Banking, Securities, Insurance, And Related Services To Individuals And Businesses, Often Catering The Services To Meet The Client’s Financial Needs. They Contact Potential Clients To Explain Their Services, Which May Include The Handling Of Checking Accounts, Loans, Certificates Of Deposit, Individual Retirement Accounts, Credit Cards, And Estate And Retirement Planning.

Brokers Sell Securities And Commodities Directly To Individual Clients. They Advise People On Appropriate Investments Based On The Client’s Needs And Financial Ability. The People They Advise May Have Very Different Levels Of Expertise In Financial Matters.

Finding Clients Is A Large Part Of A Broker’s Job. They Must Create Their Own Client Base By Calling From A List Of Potential Clients. Some Agents Network By Joining Social Groups, And Others May Rely On Referrals From Satisfied Clients.

Investment Bankers Connect Businesses That Need Money To Finance Their Operations Or Expansion Plans With Investors Who Are Interested In Providing That Funding. This Process Is Called Underwriting, And It Is The Main Function Of Investment Banks. The Banks First Sell Their Advisory Services To Help Companies Issue New Stocks Or Bonds, And Then The Banks Sell The Issued Securities To Investors.

Some Of The Most Important Services That Investment Bankers Provide Are Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), And Mergers And Acquisitions. An IPO Is The Process By Which A Company Becomes Open For Public Investment By Issuing Its First Stock. Investment Bankers Must Estimate How Much The Company Is Worth And Ensure That It Meets The Legal Requirements To Become Publicly Traded.

Investment Bankers Also Connect Companies In Mergers (when Two Companies Join Together) And Acquisitions (when One Company Buys Another). Investment Bankers Provide Advice Throughout The Process To Ensure That The Transaction Goes Smoothly.

Floor Brokers Work Directly On The Floor—a Large Room Where Trading Is Done—of A Securities Or Commodities Exchange. After A Trader Places An Order For A Security, Floor Brokers Negotiate The Price, Make The Sale, And Forward The Purchase Price To The Trader.

Equities Trader Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Offer advice on the purchase or sale of particular securities
  • Buy and sell securities, such as stocks and bonds
  • Analyze company finances to provide recommendations for public offerings, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Evaluate cost and revenue of agreements
  • Buy and sell commodities, such as corn, oil, and gold
  • Contact prospective clients to present information and explain available services
  • Monitor financial markets and the performance of individual securities

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