Economist Job Description

Economists Use Economic Concepts, Theories And Analytical Techniques To Provide Advice And Practical Information That Will Aid Managerial Planning And Decision-making Tasks.
Economists Are Employed By Local And Central Government, Economic Consultancies, Major Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Utilities, Higher Education Establishments And Investment Organisations.
Presenting Results That Are Easily Understood In A Diplomatic And Persuasive Manner Is An Important Part Of The Work, Ensuring That Arguments And Outcomes Will Be Readily Accepted.
Promotional Prospects Are Excellent For Employees Willing To Take Managerial Positions Or To Change Employer, And A Formal Career Path Exists Within The Civil Service.

Economist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • providing economic advice and recommendations
  • monitoring local and foreign economic performance
  • making presentations
  • analysing and interpreting complicated numerical and financial information
  • undertaking relevant research and writing reports.

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