Chartered Certified Accountant

Chartered Certified Accountant Job Description

Chartered Certified Accountants Undertake A Large Variety Of Accountancy Services And Are Responsible For Developing And Maintaining Financial And Accounting Systems, Financial Forecasting, Auditing Financial Records And Investigating Financial Anomalies. They Produce Reports And Budget Plans, And Contribute To Business Strategy.

They Can Work Within A Wide Range Of Sectors Including Public Practice, Financial Services Or The Corporate Sector. Often, A Chartered Certified Accountant's Main Aim Is To Maximise Profitability And Efficiency Or Ensure Value For Money On Behalf Of Their Employer Or Client, Often Assessing Business Possibilities. They May Provide A Management Consultancy Service.

Chartered Certified Accountants Can Offer A Range Of Services To An Internationally Recognised Standard, Including Advising On Taxation, Insolvency And Corporate Finance.

Chartered Certified Accountant Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • reviewing and adapting new and existing financial systems and controls;
  • implementing new financial and budgetary systems or policies when needed;
  • producing and analysing annual and monthly accounts;
  • providing regular financial reports as and when they are needed;
  • managing expenditure, credit, payroll and investments;
  • negotiating business terms with associated organisations such as suppliers;
  • controlling income and expenditure including liaising with and administering payroll;
  • possibly managing colleagues.
  • preparing financial statements, business plans, commentaries and budgets for management or client reports;
  • regularly undertaking audits, involving the examination of the organisation's accounts, analysing risk, inspecting the organisation's current practices, investigating any financial irregularities and recommending improvements;
  • creating financial plans and forecasts;
  • liaising with clients (individuals or businesses) or non-financial members of staff, providing financial information and advice;
  • advising managers on financial policy and control, such as the costs and benefits of a particular project;
  • liaising with internal and external auditors and dealing with any irregular financial issues as they arise;
  • advising on and dealing with tax issues, ensuring compliance with tax legislation;
  • advising clients on areas of business improvement, or dealing with insolvency;

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