Homeopath Job Description

Homeopathy Is A System Of Alterative Or Complementary Medicine Based On Treating The Individual With Very Diluted Natural Substances, Given In Mainly Tablet Form, Which Triggers The Body's Natural System Of Healing. Homeopaths Decide On The Most Appropriate Treatment For The Patient On The Basis Of The Symptoms The Patient Experiences.

Homeopaths Treat A Range Of Conditions; They Might Be Physical Problems, Such As Skin Ailments, Asthma Or Arthritis, Or They Might Be Of An Emotional Or Psychological Nature, Like Depression Or Phobias.

They Adopt A Holistic Approach With Their Patients, Treating The Person As A Whole, Including Past And Present Symptoms. Patients May Seek Treatment Themselves Or Be Referred To A Homeopath By Their GP. Duration Of Treatment Varies From Weeks To Months Or Years, Depending On The Severity Of The Disorder.

Most Practitioners Are Solely Homeopaths But Some Are Also Trained In Conventional Medicine And Practice As Doctors, Dentists And Veterinary Surgeons.

Homeopath Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • analysing each case to select a remedy or series of remedies appropriate for the individual (this may take several consultations);
  • advising on lifestyle issues, such as diet, exercise and mental health;
  • referring the patient to other health practitioners, as appropriate;
  • assessing patients and developing a detailed case history with patients comprising psychological, emotional and physical symptoms and characteristics;
  • using homeopathic remedies to treat a range of conditions e.g. arthritis and eczema;
  • maintaining detailed clinical notes and records for each patient;
  • visiting patients in their home (though this is less common than patient contact in a clinic);
  • monitoring and evaluating patient progress;
  • responding to patient queries and problems, either face to face or over the phone;
  • instructing patients about the use and effects of particular remedies;
  • researching medical conditions and homeopathic remedies;
  • managing a business (and all that this entails: finance, taxation and marketing or promotion);
  • running seminars and presentations for groups in the community, or for other health practitioners, to promote homeopathy.

Homeopaths with a good level of professional experience may also be involved with training and/or supervising homeopathy students.

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