Teller Job Description

Tellers Are Responsible For Accurately Processing Routine Transactions At A Bank.

Tellers Are Responsible For The Safe And Accurate Handling Of The Money They Process. When Cashing A Check, They Must Verify The Customer’s Identity And Make Sure That The Account Has Enough Money To Cover The Transaction. When Counting Cash, Tellers Must Be Careful Not To Make Errors. If A Customer Is Interested In Financial Products Or Services, Tellers Explain The Products And Services Offered By The Bank And Refer The Customer To The Appropriate Personnel.

In Most Banks, Tellers Record Account Changes Using Computers That Give Them Easy Access To The Customer’s Financial Information. Tellers Also Can Use This Information When Recommending A New Product Or Service.

Teller Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Count the cash in their drawer at the start of their shift
  • Accept checks, cash, and other forms of payment from customers
  • Answer questions from customers about their accounts
  • Prepare specialized types of funds, such as traveler’s checks, savings bonds, and money orders
  • Exchange dollars for foreign currency
  • Order bank cards and checks for customers
  • Record all transactions electronically throughout their shift
  • Count the cash in their drawer at the end of their shift and make sure the amounts balance

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