Recycling Officer

Recycling Officer Job Description

Recycling Officers Are Responsible For Advising About, Developing And Implementing Waste Recycling Policies And Schemes.

Recycling Officers Help To Plan And Develop Environmental And Waste Reduction Policies In A Variety Of Ways, Including:

  • managing Local Recycling Schemes;
  • creating And Delivering Educational Programmes;
  • organising Community And Media Liaison Initiatives.

Recycling Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • monitoring facilities
  • developing policies
  • promoting recycling via publications, talks and workshops
  • managing community recycling initiatives
  • managing contractors
  • working with the media and the general public
  • visiting locally based recycling centres, companies, schools and community organisations
  • maintaining budgets
  • keeping statistical records
  • preparing reports, plans, publicity materials and displays.

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