Plant Inspector

Plant Inspector Job Description

Plant Inspectors Inspect, Test, Sort, Sample, Or Weigh Raw Materials Or Processed, Machined, Fabricated, Or Assembled Parts Or Machines/products For Defects, Wear, And Deviations From Specifications. May Use Precision Measuring Instruments And Complex Test Equipment.

Plant Inspector Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Discuss inspection results with those responsible for products, and recommend necessary corrective actions.
  • Inspect, test, or measure materials, products, installations, or work for conformance to specifications.
  • Notify supervisors and other personnel of production problems, and assist in identifying and correcting these problems.
  • Discard or reject products, materials, or equipment not meeting specifications.
  • Mark items with details such as grade or acceptance-rejection status.
  • Record inspection or test data, such as weights, temperatures, grades, or moisture content, and quantities inspected or graded.
  • Analyze and interpret blueprints, data, manuals, and other materials to determine specifications, inspection and testing procedures, adjustment and certification methods, formulas, and measuring instruments required.
  • Observe and monitor production operations and equipment to ensure conformance to specifications and make or order necessary process or assembly adjustments.
  • Write test or inspection reports describing results, recommendations, or needed repairs.
  • Collect or select samples for testing or for use as models.
  • Grade, classify, or sort products according to sizes, weights, colors, or other specifications.
  • Measure dimensions of products to verify conformance to specifications, using measuring instruments such as rulers, calipers, gauges, or micrometers.
  • Read dials or meters to verify that equipment is functioning at specified levels.
  • Check arriving materials to ensure that they match purchase orders and submit discrepancy reports when problems are found.
  • Compare colors, shapes, textures, or grades of products or materials with color charts, templates, or samples to verify conformance to standards.
  • Position products, components, or parts for testing, or direct other workers to position them.
  • Clean, maintain, repair, and calibrate measuring instruments and test equipment such as dial indicators, fixed gauges, and height gauges.
  • Weigh materials, products, containers, or samples to verify packaging weights and ingredient quantities, or to determine sorting.
  • Stack and arrange tested products for further processing, shipping, or packaging and transport products to other work stations as necessary.
  • Analyze test data, making computations as necessary, to determine test results.
  • Set controls, start and monitor machines that automatically measure, sort, or inspect products.
  • Compute defect percentages or averages, using formulas and calculators, and prepare reports of inspection or test findings.
  • Remove defects, such as chips, burrs, or lap corroded or pitted surfaces.
  • Adjust, clean, or repair products or processing equipment to correct defects found during inspections.
  • Make minor adjustments to equipment, such as turning setscrews to calibrate instruments to required tolerances.
  • Supervise testing or drilling activities.
  • Fabricate, install, position, or connect components, parts, finished products, or instruments for testing or operational purposes.
  • Disassemble defective parts and components, such as inaccurate or worn gauges and measuring instruments, using hand tools.
  • Compute usable amounts of items in shipments and determine prices, based on quantities and grade assessments.
  • Interpret legal requirements, provide safety information, or recommend compliance procedures to contractors, craft workers, engineers, or property owners.
  • Administer tests to engineers and operators to assess whether they are qualified to use equipment.

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