Financial Controller

Financial Controller Job Description

A Financial Controller Prepares, Develops And Analyses Key Financial Information To Ensure That An Organisation's Management Makes Well-informed Decisions To Ensure Future Stability, Growth And Profitability.

They Establish And Maintain Financial Policies And Management Information Systems, As Well As Provide A High Quality Support Service By Liaising With Management Colleagues On All Aspects Of Finance. The Role Combines Accounting Skills With Business Management Skills.

Financial Controller Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • preparing periodic financial statements, including profit and loss accounts, budgets, cash flows, variance analysis and commentaries;
  • providing a support service by working with all departments and the management team to help make financial decisions;
  • ensuring spending is kept in line with the budget;
  • informing key strategic decisions and formulating business strategies;
  • advising on the financial implications and consequences of business decisions;
  • analysing financial performance and so contributing to medium and long-term business planning/forecasts;
  • negotiating on major projects, loans and grants;
  • offering professional judgement on financial matters and advising on ways of improving business performance;
  • interpreting and communicating financial data to non-financial managers;
  • liaising with other function managers to put the finances and accounts in context;
  • monitoring and evaluating financial information systems and suggesting improvements where needed;
  • implementing corporate governance procedures, risk management and internal controls.

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