Horticultural Consultant

Horticultural Consultant Job Description

Horticultural Consultants Are Specialist Advisers Who Identify And Assess Horticultural Problems And Provide Appropriate Technical Or Business Advice To Commercial And Public Sector Clients.

Horticultural Consultants Are Responsible For Maintaining A Careful Balance Of Flora And Fauna Under Constantly Changing Conditions.

Horticultural Consultant Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • designing garden plans/planting layouts
  • advising about tree planting schemes
  • planning restoration projects
  • organising horticultural trials
  • developing and maintaining a set of client contacts
  • visiting clients on site
  • undertaking environmental assessments
  • analysing horticultural yields
  • attending conferences
  • maintaining awareness of industry developments
  • undertaking research
  • maintaining financial and administrative records
  • developing, advertising and marketing services.
  • making presentations
  • writing technical publications, advisory leaflets and reports

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