Audiological Scientist

Audiological Scientist Job Description

Audiological Scientists Assess, Diagnose And Manage Patients Who Have Hearing, Balance And Tinnitus Problems. They Administer And Interpret Diagnostic Tests To Patients. They May Also Be Called Clinical Scientists (audiology).

Audiological Scientists Have A Direct Clinical Role Working With Patients, Who Are Often Very Young Children Or Elderly People. The Job combines patient Care And Academic Training With Research Activity.

Many Audiological Scientists Develop Clinical Expertise In A Specific Area Of Audiology, Such As:

  • paediatrics;
  • balance (vestibular) Disorders;
  • complex Procedures And Devices, Such As Cochlear And Brain Stem Implants Or Bone-anchored Hearing Aids;
  • special Needs Groups, E.g. Patients With Multi-sensory Impairment.

Audiological Scientist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • administering auditory tests for babies, children and adults;
  • interpreting and reporting on test results;
  • researching new advances in hearing aid technology, such as digital hearing aids;
  • testing and maintaining implanted devices, such as cochlear implants;
  • developing and improving test techniques;
  • teaching and training other healthcare professionals;
  • managing audiology services, including monitoring and improving the quality of service provided;
  • supervising support staff.
  • communicating with a wide variety of patients;
  • advising on the selection, fitting and evaluation of hearing aids;
  • operating audiometric equipment;
  • conducting research into disorders affecting hearing and balance;

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