Orthoptist Job Description

Orthoptists Diagnose And Treat The Vision Problems And Eye Abnormalities Of Patients Of All Ages, Checking For Evidence And Symptoms Of Disease, Injury Or Visual Defects.
Orthoptists See Patients Of All Ages Who Have Been Referred To Them By General Practitioners, Health Visitors, Consultants Working In Hospital Eye Clinics, And From Eye Casualty Departments And Community Clinics.

Orthoptist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • observing and checking patients’ vision, visual field and eye movement/position
  • keeping up to date with new techniques/developments
  • providing information to patients about diagnoses and required treatment
  • making use of specialist equipment
  • referring patients to doctors for specialist treatment/surgery
  • treating vision problems with devices such as patches/specialist glasses
  • diagnosing sight problems and producing treatment plans
  • liaising with nursing and medical staff
  • offering advice about lighting and magnification strategies for patients with low vision
  • running specialist clinics for issues such as glaucoma, strokes and low vision.
  • gaining case histories from patients

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