Sales Promotion Account Executive

Sales Promotion Account Executive Job Description

A Sales Promotion Account Executive Devices, Develops And Implements Ideas For Promotional Marketing Campaigns. They Are Usually Involved In All Stages Of The Process, Making Sure A Campaign Runs Smoothly.

Sales Promotion Account Executives Aim To Increase Sales Or Usage Of Products And Services By Providing Additional Incentives, Targeting Consumers, Channel-marketing Partners And A Company's Own Employees.

They Use A Range Of Strategies Including Competitions, Samples And Coupons, Promotions And Point-of-sale Displays To Encourage Increased Sales. These Incentives Reach The Consumer In A Variety Of Ways, Such As In Retail Outlets, At Events And Exhibitions, Through Direct Mail, Press Advertising, Websites, Text Messaging And Social Media.

Sales Promotion Account Executives Are The People Responsible For The Organisation Of Promotional Marketing Campaigns. They Must Ensure That The Work Proceeds According To Plan, Keep Everybody Involved In The Campaign Informed And Up To Date And Provide Central Administrative Support To The Team.

Sales Promotion Account Executive Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • attending meetings and sharing ideas at brainstorming sessions, reporting back details of discussions;
  • researching ideas, clients and markets;
  • reporting to the account manager;
  • briefing other agency staff, such as creative teams and production departments;
  • writing and proofreading promotional marketing copy;
  • monitoring the progress of work and producing status reports;
  • compiling budgets and costing supplies and projects;
  • preparing and checking invoices and bills;
  • liaising with clients, other agency staff and external suppliers of goods and services;
  • developing ideas for promotional marketing campaigns;
  • maintaining information on projects and clients;
  • assisting in the preparation of presentations to clients;
  • carrying out a variety of administrative tasks.

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