Accounting Technician

Accounting Technician Job Description

Accounting Technicians Work In All Areas Of Finance And Business. They Usually Start Working In A Support Role Within A Firm Of Accountants Or In The Accounts Or Finance Departments Of Organisations. They May Be Employed In Industry, Commerce Or The Public Sector. Those With More Experience May Become Self-employed, Providing A Variety Of Accountancy And Taxation Services To A Range Of Small To Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

In Many Larger Organisations, Accounting Technicians Work Alongside Members Of Chartered Accountancy Bodies. In Smaller Organisations, They May Be The Only Financially Trained Member Of Staff.

Depending On The Route Taken, Qualification And Subsequent Work Experience, An Accounting Technician May Undertake A Range Of Roles.

Accounting Technician Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • looking after all financial transactions, budgets and payroll;
  • assisting with the preparation of accounts;
  • dealing with basic bookkeeping;
  • auditing external and internal work;
  • managing staff payroll;
  • accounting for resources;
  • liaising with other professionals in the field;
  • writing reports.
  • monitoring staff and company expenses;
  • controlling budgets;
  • receiving and settling invoices;

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