Soil Scientist

Soil Scientist Job Description

Soil Scientists Analyse Soil Samples To Provide Information About Its Quality And Structure For Construction, Agricultural, Government, Industrial And Scientific Staff.

Information About The Composition Of Soil Is Required For A Variety Of Reasons. It May Be Needed To Assist With Planning And Surveying For Land Development Purposes; To Assess The Effect Of Agrochemicals Used In Farming; To Aid Land Restoration And Reclamation Projects; To Gauge Drainage And Irrigation Requirements; Or To Investigate Environmental, Climatic And Pollution Issues.

Soil Scientist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • giving presentations
  • assessing and examining soil samples
  • modelling information using specialist computer applications and preparing reports, maps and publications.
  • analysing and interpreting data

A large proportion of the work of soil scientists is office based, although some fieldwork is necessary to collect and test soil samples.

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