Art Gallery Manager

Art Gallery Manager Job Description

Commercial Art Galleries Vary In Style, Size And Purpose, And Because Of This, The Role Of A Gallery Manager Can Differ. The Role Can Also Change Depending On Whether It Is In A Public Or Private Gallery.

In A Public Gallery, The Role Can Be Quite Technical, Making Sure Exhibitions Are Installed Correctly. It May Also Cover Operational Tasks Such As Health And Safety And Facilities.

Working In A Smaller Private Gallery May Mean Having A More Varied And All-round Management Role, Which Includes Sales, Marketing, Budgeting And Communicating Directly With The Artists.

An Art Gallery Manager May Work Underneath The Gallery Director Or Owner But Will Still Have Responsibility For The Commercial And Artistic Success Of The Gallery. 

The Role Of Art Gallery Manager Demands A Combination Of Artistic Awareness, Business Acumen, Interpersonal Skills And Practical Abilities.

Art Gallery Manager Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • assessment and selection of artwork;
  • curating shows in cooperation with artists and technicians;
  • cataloguing acquisitions and keeping records and archives;
  • developing and updating the gallery website;
  • promoting and selling artists' work, through both exhibitions and personal contacts;
  • overseeing the type of artwork sold;
  • planning, organising, presenting and marketing exhibitions and shows, including responsibility for public relations;
  • general administration, budgeting, finance and accounts.
  • arranging transportation of work to and from the gallery, both nationally and internationally;
  • organising equipment hire and ensuring correct installation of the artwork;
  • negotiating with gallery managers and curators from other galleries to arrange for loans;
  • keeping front of house staff briefed on technical and artistic matters relating to programming;
  • developing client lists by notifying potential clients of particular works and exhibitions, according to their stated interests;
  • extending the client database;
  • liaising with visiting artists and negotiating sales;
  • working closely with individual artists, developing relationships with new artists, and extending relationships with established artists from the gallery 'stable';
  • promoting exhibitions and work by individual artists;
  • ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the gallery;
  • developing and/or maintaining the gallery's remit;
  • maintaining ongoing promotion and advertising of the gallery;
  • keeping up to date with industry developments and market trends;

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