Police Officer

Police Officer Job Description

Police Officers Protect Lives And Property. Detectives And Criminal Investigators, Who Are Sometimes Called Agents Or Special Agents, Gather Facts And Collect Evidence Of Possible Crimes.

Police Officers Pursue And Apprehend People Who Break The Law. They Then Warn, Cite, Or Arrest Them. Most Police Officers Patrol Their Jurisdictions And Investigate Suspicious Activity. They Also Respond To Calls, Issue Traffic Tickets, And Give First Aid To Accident Victims.

 Most Police Officers Carry Law Enforcement Tools, Such As Radios, Handcuffs, And Guns.

Police Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Patrol assigned areas
  • Write detailed reports and fill out forms
  • Prepare cases and testify in court
  • Enforce laws
  • Respond to emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Conduct traffic stops and issue citations
  • Obtain warrants and arrest suspects
  • Conduct interviews with suspects and witnesses
  • Observe the activities of suspects
  • Investigate crimes
  • Collect and secure evidence from crime scenes

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