Amenity Horticulturist

Amenity Horticulturist Job Description

Amenity Horticulturists Are Responsible For Designing, Creating And Managing A Variety Of Leisure, Recreational And Garden Areas Such As Woodlands, Country Parks, Historic Gardens, Cemeteries And Botanic/public Gardens.

Amenity Horticulturists Can Find Themselves Doing Anything From Clipping Lawns To Managing Forests.

Amenity Horticulturist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • undertaking environmental assessments
  • planning restoration projects (visiting sites, researching plans etc)
  • designing garden plans/planting layouts
  • advising about tree planting schemes
  • overseeing horticultural cultivation, maintenance and weed/pest/disease control programmes
  • organising horticultural trials
  • maintaining financial and administrative records
  • developing, advertising and marketing services
  • negotiating contracts with buyers and suppliers
  • writing and modifying business plans
  • supervising staff.
  • liaising/communicating with colleagues, local officials, the public, professional groups etc
  • ensuring compliance with organic cultivation requirements
  • analysing horticultural yields
  • writing technical publications
  • advisory leaflets and reports
  • organizing or giving presentations and attending conferences
  • undertaking research

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