Aid Worker

Aid Worker Job Description

Aid Workers/humanitarian Workers Manage And Develop Emergency Response Programmes Within Designated Geographical Areas That Have Been Subjected To War, Natural Disasters Or Other Environmental Or Developmental Problems.

Aid Workers Typically Operate In Front Line Conditions, Facilitating The Effective Distribution Of Humanitarian Aid To People Who Have Been Hit By Human Or Natural Disasters. Responsibilities Of The Job Vary Considerably According To The Nature Of The Emergency Or Situation.

Aid Worker Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • managing budgets
  • managing the implementation of emergency activities and monitoring their effectiveness
  • producing response reports, recommendations and proposals for emergency intervention
  • rapidly assessing emergency situations; working closely with staff located within the area or other emergency departments
  • making representations to donors, local authorities and humanitarian community members
  • recruiting/managing local staff
  • organising induction, support and training for volunteers/other aid workers
  • implementing, overseeing and ensuring strict adherence with security/safety procedures
  • ensuring knowledge of and compliance with appropriate national and international procedures, policies and regulatory codes
  • producing funding proposals.
  • coordinating and supporting the work of volunteers
  • developing and monitoring objectives
  • liaising with United Nations agencies, government officials, colleagues etc

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