Legal Executive

Legal Executive Job Description

Legal Executives Are Fee-earning Qualified Lawyers Who Undertake Similar Work To Solicitors, Specialising In A Specific Legal Area Such As Litigation Or Conveyancing.

The Day-to-day Role Of A Legal Executive Is Similar To That Of A Solicitor; However, The Training Route To Become A Legal Executive Is Narrower Than For A Solicitor. Solicitors Complete The Legal Practice Course, In Which The Study Of Many Legal Practice Subjects Is Compulsory. Chartered Legal Executives Specialise Early And Study One Legal Practice Subject To An Advanced Level.

Legal Executives, Like Solicitors, Need To Keep Up-to-date With Changes And Developments In The Law And Are Required To Complete Training Throughout Their Careers.

Training As A Legal Executive Is Cheaper And Less Competitive Than For A Solicitor; It Is Possible To Go On To Qualify As A Solicitor After Becoming Chartered.

Legal Executive Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • High Court or county court work
  • dealing with legal matters such as writing wills, property conveyancing, custody cases and divorce settlements
  • assisting solicitors
  • giving legal advice
  • litigation
  • researching and preparing cases
  • writing legal documents

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