Librarian, Public

Librarian, Public Job Description

Public Librarians Acquire, Organise, Promote And Disseminate A Wide Range Of Resources To Meet The Diverse Needs Of The Community. They Support Independent Learning And Encourage Reader Development. They Also Provide A Wide Range Of Information On Business, The Community, Careers, Learning And Recreation.

Public Librarians Are Proficient In The Use Of ICT As Part Of The Role Involves Assisting The Public In Accessing The Internet And Other Web-based Services. They May Also Spend Time Talking To And Building Up Relationships With Members Of The Public And Assisting With Specific Learning Needs Or Community Groups.

Public Librarians May Run Events In The Library For The Local Community And Work With Local Schools And Colleges.

Librarian, Public Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • providing reader, advisory and information services to the public and local businesses;
  • undertaking reader development activities, which may or may not be directed at specific groups;
  • providing services to socially excluded groups;
  • working with other agencies and bodies, such as museums and educational services, to develop services and initiatives in the community.
  • organising library provision for specific community groups, such as minority ethnic groups, schools, youth organisations, adult learners and pre-school groups;
  • developing the use of ICT to improve service delivery;
  • dealing with enquiries and assisting library users in accessing ICT and other resources;
  • organising resources in an accessible way;
  • stock maintenance, including the weeding out of old resources;
  • anticipating community needs and trends to ensure library services are used as much as possible;
  • promoting the use of the library through displays, talks and community events, which may involve work in the library or going out into the community;
  • keeping up to date with newly released publications in order to select library resources;
  • managing budgets;

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