Fisheries Officer

Fisheries Officer Job Description

Fisheries Officers Are Responsible For The Conservation And Protection Of Fisheries, Whether Freshwater Or Marine. They Carry Out Surveys Of Aquatic Life, Investigate Fish Mortalities And Study Water Quality.

Freshwater Fisheries Officers Conduct Field Survey Work, Including Surveys Of Fish Stocks And Technical Project Work. They Advise Members Of The Public And Industry About Sustainable Fishing And Promote Angling As A Recreational Activity.

Marine (or Sea) Fisheries Officers Manage, Regulate, Develop And Protect The Fisheries And Work To Sustain The Marine Environment. This Includes Inspecting Fishing Vessels At Sea And Enforcing Technical Conservation Measures For Juvenile And Spawning Fish.

Fisheries Officer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • working with planning authorities to ensure new building developments do not have an adverse impact on river fisheries;
  • conducting environmental impact assessments;
  • approving and issuing licences for the movement of fish;
  • electro-fishing and netting;
  • monitoring scientific data;
  • writing reports;
  • surveying fish stocks, ensuring the correct type and amount of fish are in the right places;
  • conducting annual surveys of rivers;
  • supporting recreational angling;
  • contributing to habitat improvement schemes;
  • communicating with and advising external bodies, e.g. angling clubs, councils and fisheries owners;
  • keeping up to date with legislation and relevant scientific/technical developments.

Marine fisheries officers:

  • stopping and searching fishing vessels;
  • explaining European and national legislation and local bylaws to fishing crews;
  • operating and maintaining large, small or inflatable boats;
  • patrolling the coastline up to six nautical miles from the shore;
  • inspecting fish markets and premises in ports;
  • handling fish and shellfish;
  • managing special stock recovery measures for 'at risk' fish stocks;
  • providing advice to members of the public, fishing crews and offshore fish farm managers.
  • sampling biological specimens;
  • analysing data and producing reports;

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