Tiler Job Description

Tilers  Apply Hard Tiles  To Walls, Floors, And Other Surfaces.

A Tiler Installs Materials On A Variety Of Surfaces, Such As Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Countertops, Patios, And Roof Decks. Because Tile And Marble Must Be Set On Smooth, Even Surfaces, Installers Often Must Level The Surface To Be Tiled With A Layer Of Mortar Or Plywood. If The Area To Be Tiled Is Unstable, Workers Must Nail A Support Of Metal Mesh Or Tile Backer Board To Create A Stable Surface.

The Following Are Examples Of Types Of Tiler:

Tile Finishers Apply Grout Between Tiles After The Tiles Are Set, Using A Rubber Trowel (called A Float). When The Grout Dries, They Must Wipe The Tiles For A Clean, Finished Look.

Tile Installers, Sometimes Called tile Setters, Cut And Place Tile. To Cut Tiles, Workers Use Power Wet Saws, Tile Scribes, Or Hand-held Tile Cutters To Create Even Edges. They Use Trowels Of Different Sizes To Spread Mortar Or A Sticky Paste, Called Mastic, Evenly On The Surface To Be Tiled. To Minimize Imperfections And Keep Rows Even, They Put Spacers Between Tiles. The Spacers Keep Tiles The Same Distance From Each Other Until The Mortar Is Dry.

Tiler Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Prepare and apply mortar or other adhesives
  • Install tile in a planned area
  • Arrange tiles according to design plans
  • Apply grout with a rubber trowel
  • Clean and level the surface to be tiled
  • Measure and cut tile
  • Wipe off excess grout and apply necessary finishes, such as sealants

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