Dyer Job Description

Dyers Change Or Restore The Color Of Articles, Such As Garments, Drapes, And Slipcovers, By Means Of Dyes.

Work Requires Knowledge Of The Composition Of The Textiles Being Dyed Or Restored; The Chemical Properties Of Bleaches And Dyes; And Their Effects Upon Such Textiles.

Dyer Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • Matches sample color, applying knowledge of bleaching agent and dye properties, and type, construction, condition, and color of article.
  • Immerses article in bleaching bath to strip colors.
  • Immerses article in dye solution and stirs with stick, or dyes article in rotary-drum or paddle dyeing machine.
  • Rinses article in water and acetic acid solution to remove excess dye and to fix colors.
  • Dissolves dye or bleaching chemicals in water.
  • Operates or directs operation of extractor and drier.
  • Sprays or brushes article with prepared solution to remove stains.
  • Measures and mixes amounts of bleaches, dyes, oils, and acids, following formulas.
  • Applies dye to article, using spray gun, electrically rotated brush, or handbrush.
  • Examines article to identify fabric and original dye by sight, touch, or by testing sample with fire or chemical reagent.
  • Tests dye on swatch of fabric, to ensure color match.

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