Forensic Scientist

Forensic Scientist Job Description

Forensic Scientists Use Analytical And Scientific Techniques To Examine Evidence From Crimes And Prepare Legal Statements Which Summarise The Results.

Forensic Scientists Are Employed By Police Laboratories,specialist Private Consultancies Etc. The Majority Of The Work Is Laboratory-based: Examining Traces Of Substances Such As Blood, Semen, Hairs, Fibres, Paint, Glass, Explosives Etc. In An Attempt To Associate Or Disassociate Suspects With Victims/crime Scenes.

The Work Can Require Attending Unpleasant And Disturbing Crime Scenes In All Weathers. Promotional Prospects Are Limited.

Forensic Scientist Duties/Functions/Responsibilities

  • recovering data from electronic equipment such as laptops, computers and mobile phones;
  • using appropriate analytical techniques such as chromatography, electron microscopy, DNA profiling etc.
  • compiling written reports;
  • gathering evidence;
  • searching for and collecting evidence at the scenes of crimes;
  • giving and defending evidence in court;

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